I am based in Melbourne, the art capital of Australia where the best coffee is served. Photography is my passion and has been for many years. I enjoy shooting in digital and film, Lomography is one of my favourites. I believe great images are taken by the photographer behind the camera. 

I am one of the event organisers of a Melbourne photography meet-up group where I conduct events such as visiting the exhibition and photo walk around Melbourne city and interesting places for photographers of all levels to meet and share their photography journey. 


Tell a story one photo at a time

I love a good story because story evokes emotions. It can be happy, it can be sad, sometimes melancholy and sometimes there are no words for it. I love telling them through my camera lens. 

These stories are expressed through the images captured in decisive moments. Yes, photography freezes time and captures moments; each moment is a story by itself. These stories are narrated by the characters played out in the images. Each pair of eyes hides a story and it’s up to the viewer to discover that story. It could be “What’s my future hold?” or it could simply be “I had a good day today.” 

What do you see?  What do you feel?